Exploring Bathroom Design Trends: A Comprehensive Guide

Uncover the latest bathroom design trends, from concrete basins to natural materials, and learn how to create a personalised oasis in your home.

Unveiling the Evolution of Bathroom Design

Bathrooms, often overlooked despite being one of the most frequently used spaces, have undergone a remarkable transformation from the era of simple white tiles. The Maark interior design team share their insights into achieving a personalised and contemporary bathroom that goes beyond conventional norms.

An Odyssey through Bathroom Styles

We have encountered a myriad of unique bathrooms, from time-capsule bathrooms dating back to the 1970s, to compact spaces where showering, and teeth brushing are done on the same spot.

Embracing Change: Timelessness vs. Modernity

Embracing Change Timelessness vs. Modernity image
Bathrooms, as significant investments in a home, inevitably reflect the design trends of their creation. With the influx of innovative products like water-efficient fixtures and Japanese-inspired toilets, the pursuit of ‘timelessness’ may result in a mundane space. The advice is to embrace the present, incorporating cutting-edge products that redefine the possibilities of a bathroom. The key is to focus on the desired ambiance the space should evoke.

Current Trends and Future Visions

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Rethinking Space Dynamics

The conventional bathroom has evolved into a space designed for the enhancement of daily bathing rituals—an oasis for relaxation. Consider sculptural freestanding baths seamlessly integrated into master bedrooms, creating a serene day-spa atmosphere at home. However, caution is advised when merging the ensuite with the bedroom, as the balance between luxury and practicality should align with daily routines.

The Maark Concrete Collection

Meticulously curated with an unwavering dedication to detail, the Maark offers a range of elements that redefine bathroom aesthetics. Each piece within the collection, including statement basins, reflects Maark Bathware’s commitment to timeless elegance and contemporary design.

Splash of Colour: Defying the Norm

Injecting personality into bathrooms through colour is a trend that defies the neutral and uniform aesthetics prevalent in Australian homes. Rather than adhering to the ‘feature wall’ approach, opt for a holistic use of colour. Vibrant tiles saturating walls and floors create a calm and unified space.

Concrete Basins as a Vibrant Feature

Concrete Basins as a Vibrant Feature image

Introducing colour can extend beyond tiles; consider incorporating a Concrete Basin. These basins, available in a variety of hues, bring a touch of sophistication to the bathroom. A visit to design showrooms can unveil a spectrum of options for Basins, allowing you to infuse your bathroom with a personalised and contemporary touch.

Elevating Spaciousness: The Floating Vanity

A floating vanity, mounted to the wall, offers a clean and uncluttered aesthetic, allowing the flooring to extend seamlessly. While this design choice may sacrifice some storage, it creates an illusion of spaciousness and complements the desire for an airy environment.

The Allure of Raw Naturals

Authentic materials such as real marble, stone, and timber are making a comeback, surpassing faux imitations. Despite the higher maintenance demands and budget implications, the intrinsic beauty of natural materials provides a timeless appeal. Luxurious natural stone, from solid stone basins to marble tapware, is emerging as more than a passing trend.

Concrete Basins: A Statement in Natural Beauty

Among the array of natural materials, our basins stand out as a unique and stylish choice. These basins, crafted from authentic concrete, offer durability and a distinctive aesthetic. Explore the diverse options available in Concrete Basins to add an element of luxury to your bathroom.

Patterns and Personalisation

The incorporation of patterns in recent bathroom designs has added vitality and personality. Patterned tiles, especially cement encaustic tiles, come in a range of styles suitable for both traditional and modern spaces. Embracing patterned wallpapers in powder room can be a delightful surprise for guests.

The Rise of Black Steel

A notable shift in bathroom aesthetics involves the widespread use of black fine steel profiles. Departing from the dominance of frameless shower screens, the introduction of black steel frames, paired with matte black tapware, has become a trend that captures attention.

Design Considerations and Recommendations

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Tile Layout Innovations

Creative tile layouts, combining large and small tiles, are redefining bathroom aesthetics. Experiment with large format tiles on floors and lower walls, complemented by smaller tiles extending to the ceiling. Boldly covering entire walls with small tiles or focusing on the vanity wall can create a striking impact.

Dos and Don'ts: Navigating Bathroom Design

  • Shower Niches: Avoid featuring tiles in shower niches that differ from the surrounding wall. Instead, integrate the same tile into the niche for a cohesive look.
  • Sight-lines: Plan the bathroom layout to ensure the vanity is immediately visible upon entering, while strategically concealing the toilet for privacy.
  • Surface Selection: Consider maintenance requirements for chosen surfaces, especially porous materials like stone and cement encaustic tiles. Seek advice from suppliers on slip resistance in critical areas such as the shower.

Illuminating Insights on Lighting

Optimal bathroom lighting involves a wall-mounted light beside the mirror, providing clear visibility for tasks like makeup application or shaving. Steer clear of overhead downlights, opting for layered lighting with soft, dimmable options for nighttime visits.

Personalised Approach: Own Your Design

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Design your bathroom to reflect your lifestyle and taste, prioritizing personal preferences over generic trends. If selling the property isn’t imminent, craft a bathroom that resonates with your identity, avoiding assumptions about unknown future occupants.
In conclusion, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of bathroom design involves embracing contemporary trends while infusing personal touches. Concrete Basins emerge as a standout feature, contributing to a sophisticated and bespoke aesthetic. Whether experimenting with colours, materials, or layout innovations, the key is to create a space that transcends temporal trends and resonates with individual sensibilities.