Basin Design and Installation

Maark’s commitment to authenticity shines through our use of genuine concrete for all our basins. We meticulously source premium ingredients and oxides to create truly distinctive concrete bathware.
Absolutely, Maark’s concrete basins undergo a sealing process. This ensures effective protection while preserving concrete’s innate appearance and texture. These basins are made to endure everyday use
No. Our process eliminates the need for subsequent resealing, providing users with a worry-free experience, long-lasting product and durability.
No, you will need to purchase a waste which is otherwise known as a siphon. You can do this when ordering your sink online or with your retailer.
Maark’s concrete basins can be provided with feature pre-drilled holes, unless specific instructions are given otherwise. Please bear in mind that tap holes are only drilled once hole size and location are confirmed.
Our basins do not include an overflow as a standard feature.
Our basins are designed for the standard 2-piece 32-40mm waste fitting. For any uncertainty regarding waste suitability, please contact our design team.
Crafted from authentic concrete, our basins carry a certain weight. You can find specific weight details listed on our website for each individual item.
Our wall-hung basins arrive complete with sturdy metal brackets to ensure proper support during installation. These brackets should be recessed into the wall by 10-22mm and anchored to a suitable substrate like timber or metal cladding capable of bearing the basin’s weight. Please take note that these brackets are engineered for inset wall installation and should be securely affixed before tiling and decorating.
Absolutely, you’ll receive comprehensive installation instructions in PDF format upon placing your order. Furthermore, a printed installation kit will be included with your basin upon delivery.


Normally one of our stockists will have these or you can order swatches on our website from us for colour matching.
Our handcrafted products are tailored to order, with lead times typically spanning up to 4 weeks before shipping. For a more precise estimate, please don’t hesitate to inquire about your specific project needs.
Our captivating basins are elegantly showcased at diverse showroom locations. To arrange a viewing appointment for a specific basin, feel free to contact our dedicated design team.
To keep your product looking good, we recommend you clean it regularly with warm soapy water or a pH neutral cleaner using a soft cloth or sponge. Buff with a dry cloth to prevent streaking.
Do not under any circumstances use abrasive cloths e.g. scouring pads, steel wool or brushes. Do not use abrasive cleaners e.g. Jif or Gumption. Abrasive materials and solutions will scratch the surface and void the warranty.
While the sealer will protect against acid attack, we strongly recommend you avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals, bleach, abrasive and high-acidity products and nail polish remover. Contact with such chemicals may damage the product over time and will void the warranty. If such chemicals contact the surface, rinse immediately with water and follow the above cleaning procedure. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to water and refrain from placing moist items like soap bars or dispensers directly on the surface.