Materiality: A commitment to sustainability that begins with material selection

Discover our sustainable concrete casting materiality methods using recycled materials and zero-carbon curing for eco-friendly innovative design solutions.

A Simple Method

We redefine the art of concrete casting through a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Our casting facility is a hub of creativity, blending design concepts with eco-friendly practices to craft concrete basins and concrete pedestals which elevate spaces and contribute to a greener planet. Our sustainability approach focused on:

  • material composition
  • curing process.

Material Selection

concrete raw material
Material Selection in basins

Our commitment to sustainability begins with material selection. We meticulously blend recycled aggregates such as crushed terracotta bricks and tiles, fly-ash and silica-fume. 

Terracotta Repurposed

Our dedication to sustainability extends to exploring unconventional sources. We have been repurposing terracotta waste from tiles and bricks, giving new life to the beautiful aggregate. The recycled terracotta functions as a replacement for virgin aggregate in our concrete.

Through alliances with builders and developers, we divert terracotta from landfills and scale its usage in our customers’ countertop projects.

Clean Lines and Simplicity

One of the defining features of classic black-and-white bathrooms is their commitment to clean lines and simplicity. The absence of excessive ornamentation allows the inherent elegance of the monochrome palette to take centre stage. The simplicity of design becomes a statement in itself, embodying a refined aesthetic that speaks to those with an appreciation for timeless style.
Zero Carbon Curing concrete

Zero Carbon Curing

Our mix design allows us to air cure without relying on mechanical curing systems. This technique enhances flexural strengths and produces deeper colours, all without using energy intensive methods.

Design Community

Our production process is 100% local, and we continue to collaborate with skilled furniture craftspeople, cabinet makers, architects and designers who share our dedication to preserving traditional manufacturing practices.