What is a
Powder Room?

Maark concrete basins, inspired by
traditional European artistry

The powder room has transitioned from being a luxury to a necessity, providing guests a restroom option, without intruding into the private living spaces of a home. This becomes particularly important following the heightened hygiene awareness post COVID.

Why is it called a Powder Room?

A powder room is typically situated on the main level of a house for convenient guest access, ensuring they do not invade your privacy. As it is not designed for bathing or showering, it is smaller than a full bathroom, featuring a powder room sink and a toilet. In understanding ‘what is a powder room,’ it’s intriguing to consider its name’s origin. Initially, the powder room served the purpose of providing a space to powder one’s wig and nose, hence the name powder room.

The Value of a Powder Room

Powder rooms are a significant asset in homes and apartments, offering added convenience for both homeowners and guests. A well-maintained and tastefully decorated powder room often enhances a home’s market value.

Taking Design Risks with Powder Room Sinks

Beyond functionality, powder rooms act as creative canvases. These smaller, tucked-away spaces are ideal for taking design risks, serving as a safe space to experiment with wallpapers, bold colours, and unique design elements. This allows for infusing personality and drama into these compact yet impactful spaces.

How to Design Boldly in Powder Rooms

Contemplating bold-design appeals to those steering away from mainstream designs. To those seeking individualism through expressing their design flair. Homeowners can achieve the ultimate powder room by employing a few simple design tactics and having fun in the process.

Statement Piece

A well-curated and strategically positioned statement piece, such as a concrete basin on a free-standing concrete pedestal, can be more impactful and immediately adds a sense of design. A Maark concrete basin, serving as a powder room sink, adds personality. Concrete’s natural variations in colour and surface texture create a distinctive aesthetic, answering the question ‘what is a powder room?’

Wall Decoration

Explore impactful options like wallpaper with large patterns, mosaic tiles, or displaying art in your powder room.

Add Personal Touches

Incorporate personal decorative details such as a potted plant, candle, or dish for storing rings. Placement of your finest hand towels is essential, adding to the little luxury that makes your powder room sink shine.

Keep it Simple

Designing this small space is easy due to its size, requiring fewer materials. Avoiding excessive clutter is crucial, as it can undermine the design aesthetic of a bathroom
modern powder room ideas
Hamptons Style: featuring Maark Ovale Pedestal Concrete Basin in Ocean Mist.

Eclectic Style: featuring Maark Capsule Wall Hung Concrete Basin in Light Grey.

modern powder room design ideas

Deco Powder Room: a Contemporary deco Melbourne apartment with pastel tones. Featuring Maark Tondo Pedestal Concrete Basin in Bone White.

Featuring Maark Tondo concrete basins
California Style Restaurant Powder Room: beautifully blending a seasoned Mediterranean aesthetic with a heavy dose of hipster cool. Featuring Maark Tondo Pedestal Concrete Basins in Coral.