Designing with Colour and Texture: Architectural Aesthetics

Discover how concrete basins can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of sophistication and comfort, with a focus on colour and texture.

Welcome back to another article from our bathroom advice series. In this instalment, we want to shift the most common focus from kitchen and living area styling to the often-overlooked sanctuary of the home, the bathroom. Maark Bathware has recently unveiled a collection of high-end concrete basins, redefining the concept of aesthetics and functionality in bathroom design. Architects gravitate towards concrete because of its inherent texture, flow line, and characteristics, and more recently, the colour beyond concrete grey.

The Importance of Texture

The Importance of Texture image
Just as in kitchen and living area styling, texture plays a pivotal role in transforming a bathroom into a haven of comfort and sophistication. Imagine stepping onto a plush bathmat, wrapping yourself in a sumptuous towel, or running your fingers across a beautifully textured soap dispenser – these details elevate the bathroom experience. Then there are the fixtures and fittings of a bathroom where texture can really play its part, such as tiles, basins, and tapware.
Maark’s new concrete basin range seamlessly integrates a variety of textures, from a velvety-smooth inner surface to an organic external finish. The outside surface of a concrete basin typically displays subtle textural variations and bug holes created during the casting process. Similar to travertine and other organic stone, air is trapped within the concrete and sometimes causes small surface holes. These can vary in size and add to concrete’s distinctive texture and aesthetic.
The tactile sensation of concrete and natural stone can extend beyond concrete basins to textured tiles and bathroom accessories. If done tastefully, it will transform the bathroom experience, creating a sensory journey and making the bathroom a functional space and a retreat for relaxation.

The Coloured Concrete Basin Play

The Coloured Concrete Basin image
In bathroom design, colour can transform a utilitarian space into a vibrant and personalized retreat. Similar to our our kitchen and living area guide, there are no strict rules when it comes to incorporating colour in your bathroom. It is a place where risks can be taken and forgiven.

The Subtle Approach

For a subtle approach, introduce pops of colour through accessories like towels, candles, or small decorative items. The bathroom is the perfect spot for a fresh bouquet. It will add a warm, natural element, a pleasant aroma, and a pop of colour. Good bath linen is a must and adds a little luxury to your bathroom and helps break up the wall colour.

The More Adventurous

Bathware offers a range of colour options, allowing you to add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise neutral palette. Maark Bathware’s collection includes a spectrum of hues, from serene pastels to deep, rich tones, empowering you to express your style and hit your design goals.

Things to consider

The Coloured Concrete Basin Play image

Maark Bathware’s collection of concrete basins opens up a world of possibilities for elevating a bathroom space. The interplay of textures, from velvety-smooth interiors to organically finished exteriors, brings a unique tactile experience. Additionally, incorporating coloured concrete basins allows for a personalised and vibrant touch to your bathroom, creating a retreat beyond mere functionality. Whether you opt for subtle pops of colour through accessories or embrace the adventurous route with bold basin choices, Maark Bathware provides the tools to transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort, sophistication, and individual style.