Rediscovering Deco Style with a Pastel Palette: A Bathroom Renovation in Richmond, Melbourne

Discover style of a Richmond, Melbourne bathroom transformed by Art Deco design and a charming pastel palette. Dive into stunning renovation.

Exploring Timeless Sophistication with Art Deco Influences

Upon acquisition by the present owners, this Art Deco-inspired bathroom located in Richmond, Melbourne, required a revitalisation. While preserving original 1930s features like bay windows and fireplaces, the interiors were dominated by a rather uninspiring, predominantly white palette.
The homeowners enlisted the expertise of renowned interior designer Olivia Mitchell to breathe new life into the bathroom. The goal was to blend Art Deco aesthetics with contemporary luxury seamlessly, all set within the vibrant locale of Richmond, Melbourne.

Transformative Elements: Harmonising Art Deco and Modern Opulence

Transformative Elements Harmonising Art Deco and Modern Opulence image
The bathroom underwent a remarkable transformation without any structural alterations.

Redefined Vanity: Unveiling Geometric Style with Concrete Basin Console

A standout feature of this renovation is the vanity area, meticulously redesigned to incorporate Maark’s Fuse XL concrete basins. Geometric angles grace the steel console, paying homage to the Art Deco era while adding a modern touch. The oval concrete basin seamlessly integrates, embodying sophistication and functionality.

Bathed in Pastels: The Dreamy Bathroom Palette

Olivia characterises the bathroom palette as ‘inspired by classic Australian Art Deco style, with a particular nod to seaside design.’ Pastel hues, including deep rose, mauve, coral, and dusty pale pink, dominate the space, enhancing the bathroom’s unique ambience and introducing a warm glow.

Raise Grace: The Fusion of Art Deco Elements

As part of the revitalisation, Olivia introduced the sophistication of concrete basins on a console to craft a cohesive yet distinctive bathroom design. This custom addition seamlessly blended with the Art Deco aesthetic, providing a contemporary touch while preserving the timeless elegance of the era.

Embracing Art Deco Everywhere: From Floors to Lighting

Embracing Art Deco Everywhere From Floors to Lighting image
The renovation also included herringbone engineered timber floors, complemented by upgraded lighting, bespoke joinery, and carefully selected bathroom furniture. Olivia’s design successfully reinstated the character and charm of the original bathroom in an elevated and personalised manner.
The bathroom now radiates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, serving as a haven for its residents. It stands as an excellent space for indulgent self-care and intimate gatherings. Olivia expresses her satisfaction, noting, ‘It’s truly remarkable to witness the stunning transformation,’ emphasising the bathroom’s revitalised allure.