Maximising Small Bathrooms: Graceful Space-Savvy Design with Concrete Basins

Transform your small bathroom with stylish, space-saving concrete basins. Discover functional elegance with Maark Bathware's innovative designs.
When faced with the challenge of navigating a compact bathroom, ingenuity and a keen eye for space optimisation become paramount. Let’s explore transformative design ideas tailored for small bathrooms, focusing on the gracefulness and functionality of concrete basins.

Maximising Small Bathrooms with Innovative Solutions

Maximising Small Bathrooms with Innovative Solutions image
In a confined bathroom space, thoughtful space allocation is crucial. Aim for approximately 100cm in front of the bath and 70cm in front of the toilet to ensure easy movement. Modern fitted bathroom furniture, with depths as slim as 21cm, becomes an invaluable ally. When dealing with limited bathroom space, explore solutions like short projection loos, compact basins, and shower baths.

Concrete Basins: The Stylish Centrepiece Maximising Utility

Maximising Baths with Concrete Style

Maximising Baths with Concrete Style image

Optimise with:

  • Shower baths with U or L shape for dual-purpose efficiency.
  • Ensure that shorter tubs provide sufficient depth for indulgent soaks.
  • Don’t overlook freestanding designs; explore sophisticated slipper baths and rolltops available in shorter-than-average lengths.
  • Keep budget considerations in mind, as many prices often cover the bath only, necessitating an additional cost for side and end panels.


Practical Tip: The integration of large-format tiles and textured surfaces not only complements small bathrooms but also creates a visual illusion of spaciousness.

Maximising Basins for Space Efficiency

Enhance with:

  • Corner basin designs maximise space efficiency.
  • Explore semi-recessed and vessel basins that sit stylishly on or within a vanity unit, providing convenient storage space.
  • Resolve the issue of a wide ledge at the back of the basin with wall-mounted mixer taps.
  • Embrace the illusion of space with wall-hung basins.

Practical Tip: Consider the incorporation of classic basins, such as the Maark round concrete basin, for an enduring touch of style.

Maximising Compact Showers for Practicality

Explore with:

  • Cost-effective pivot shower doors, ensuring ample room for door opening without obstruction.
  • Sliding panels for easy access without concerns about door swing, and look for a non-stick mechanism.
  • Bifold or concertina styles that smoothness fold inwards, maintaining compactness.
  • Consider frameless designs for a modern, open feel.

Practical Tip: Select frameless designs with toughened glass, compatible with power showers.

Maximising Toilet’s for Comprehensive Solutions

Consider with:

  • Short projection loos, efficiently occupying less space than standard designs—ideal for awkwardly shaped rooms.
  • Wall-hung toilet’s to enhance the feeling of space by keeping the floor area beneath the bowl clear.
  • Consider opting for the latest toilets with features like remote control, heated seats, automatic opening and closing, self-flush, and nightlight, eliminating the need for a separate toilet and bidet.


Practical Tip: Emphasise the latest shower toilets for comprehensive small bathroom solutions.

Concrete Basins: The Game-Changer in Maximising Style and Functionality

Amidst the challenge of maximising small bathrooms, the introduction of concrete basins emerges as a game-changer. Maark’ collection of concrete basin options like the Noah basin for a modern look or the classic MK101 round concrete basin, offering both style and functionality.

Transform your small bathroom into a sophisticated haven, blending practicality with the style of concrete basins. Explore Maark Bathware’s extensive range, to redefine the ambiance of your compact bathroom. Embark on this journey of style and functionality, maximising your small space with the timeless allure of concrete basins. With each thoughtful addition, you not only make the most of the available space but also turn constraints into opportunities for design innovation.

This comprehensive approach ensures that every element contributes to the holistic transformation of your small bathroom, providing both comfort and aesthetic appeal. As you embark on this journey of maximising small bathrooms, Maark Bathware’s concrete basins stand as versatile and stylish solutions that elevate the functionality and visual allure of these intimate spaces.