Moody and Mysterious: Dark Bathroom Aesthetics

Discover how to transform your bathroom with Maark's concrete basins. Dive into the trend of dark bathroom aesthetics and upraise your space's ambience

Unveiling the Attraction of Dark Interiors in Bathroom Design

This year, we have witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of dark and moody interiors, epitomised by distinguished projects such as YSG’s ‘Budge Over Dover’ and the captivating bathrooms by Flack Studio. This prevailing trend introduces a bold yet timeless aesthetic, ideally suited for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

Introducing Maark's Concrete Basins for a Refined Ambience

Introducing Maark's Concrete Basins for a Refined Ambience image

As the design landscape leans towards darker material palettes, bathrooms become the perfect canvases for experimenting with rich and moody schemes. Maark Bathware presents its new collection of concrete basins that will redefine the ambience of any bathroom. Depart from conventional all-white interiors and embrace warmth and interest with Maark’s sophisticated concrete basin collection.

Transformative Tiles and Surfaces

When contemplating a dark and moody bathroom, the choice of materials and paint colours becomes pivotal. Maark offers an array of concrete basins that seamlessly integrate with lighter shades, such as charcoal, mid-greys, burgundy, browns, dark blues, and deep greens. Consider incorporating contrasting shades to highlight hero surfaces or opt for an all-encompassing shadowy theme for a striking statement.

Maark's Concrete Basins

Maark's Concrete Basins image

Effortlessly integrate a moody look into your bathroom with Maark’s black concrete basins. Whether you prefer a statement above-sink model or a sleek, integrated style, Maark’s collection caters to your aesthetic preferences. Explore the style of Maark’s concrete basin range, offering contemporary options like the Noah basin for a modern look or the classic MK101 round concrete basin.

Moody Accessories for a Complete Look

Accessories play a pivotal role in creating a moody interior. We suggest exploring blacks and deeper-coloured accessories from bathroom essentials like door hardware, storage canisters, towels, mirrors, soap dishes, hooks, and artwork. The transformative power of accessories proves that dark products can be both impactful and uplifting.

Bringing Nature into the Dark

Bringing Nature into the Dark image

Contrary to the misconception that shady interiors lack a connection with nature, Maark encourages the integration of leafy foliage alongside a dark colour palette. Soften your bathroom space with indoor plants and strike a harmonious balance between nature and the sophisticated allure of Maark’s concrete basins.

Maark Bathware stands as a testament to quality Australian craftsmanship. Explore the extensive range of bathroom products, including the luxurious concrete basins, to upraise your bathroom into the realm of shady grace.