Cubism, Furniture and Concrete basins

When we think of Cubism, the name Pablo Picasso immediately springs to mind. However, this revolutionary art movement extends far beyond Picasso’s masterpieces and bathroom furniture is not new to cubism.

Furniture is not new to cubism. When we think of Cubism, the name Pablo Picasso immediately springs to mind. However, this revolutionary art movement’s influence extends far beyond Picasso’s masterpieces. Enter Pavel Janák and Josef Gočár, two lesser-known but equally influential architects and designers who left an indelible mark on the world of Cubism.

In the realm of bathroom furniture design, Cubism’s impact is evident in the use of geometric shapes, bold lines, and a sense of fragmented form. Picasso’s innovative approach to art inspired Janák and Gočár to experiment with unconventional angles and spatial concepts in architecture and furniture design, including bathroom fixtures.

Maark Fuse metal stand is blacksmith crafted and featured here in a Terracotta colour.

Geometry plays a crucial role in the realm of cubist designs, where the interplay of acute angles, circles, triangles, and quadrangular shapes takes center stage. In the context of a bathroom, furniture naturally assumes the role of the principal focal point. To achieve a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look, each piece of bathroom furniture should embrace geometric elements, either through well-defined angles or linear components.

Inspired by the captivating works of cubist artists, our design team embarked on a creative journey to produce a series of bathroom stands that would serve as a contemporary homage to cubism’s infatuation with objects. Drawing from the very essence of cubist principles, we endeavoured to incorporate geometric features that resonate with the movement’s core.

Our approach led us to design a bathroom stand that harmoniously merges acute angles, circles, and triangles within a distinct quadrangular framework. The result is an exceptional piece that embodies the very essence of Cubism—an exquisite blend of artistry and functionality.

With meticulous attention to detail, each element seamlessly converges to form a cohesive whole, celebrating the spirit of Cubism and its unique expression of artistic brilliance. Through Maark’s re remarkable creations, the embodiment of Cubism’s allure and timeless allure fused into a bathroom stand that is both functional and artistic. This is why our team named this collection Fuse, by Maark.

Maark Fuse XL Features

Maark Fuse XL metal stand is featured here with a bright red frame and Periwinkle colour basin.

When it comes to colour, Cubists were renowned for their use of bold and vibrant colours, infusing their works with dynamism and emotion. By employing bright hues, they elevated the visual impact of their compositions and pushed the boundaries of artistic expression to new heights.

To elevate the visual allure of Maark’s concrete basin stands, we apply a powder coating as a decorative finish. The result is a collection of bathroom stands which evoke the spirit of Cubism, embracing its innovative vision and redefining the possibilities of bathroom furniture design.