Creating a hotel-inspired bathroom

In the realm of luxury, hotels and day spas have long been revered for their ability to curate opulent and
In the realm of luxury, hotels and day spas have long been revered for their ability to curate opulent and indulgent experiences. From lavish furnishings to exquisite decor, they have mastered the art of creating a haven of relaxation. Now, this sought-after ambiance is finding its way into homes as architects and designers seek to recreate those favourite hotel vibes.This guide delves into the captivating trend of crafting hotel-inspired bathrooms that exude sophistication and luxury. It explores practical tips and design ideas that can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary, reminiscent of a five-star hotel or a serene day spa.

Setting the scene

Begin with large wall surfaces and textures reminiscent of hotel bathrooms. Floor-to-ceiling paneling can be an excellent choice, instantly elevating the ambiance and imparting a sense of grandeur. Consider using large-format paneling in materials such as timber, stone, or marble tiles, to exude elegance and elevate the perception of space.

To further enhance the hotel feel, introduce dramatic elements that catch the eye and add a touch of extravagance. Brushed nickel tapware brings a sense of refined elegance to the space, while black metal framed furniture exudes a contemporary charm that complements the overall theme.

Paying attention to these small, yet impactful details, ensures every aspect of the bathroom exudes a sense of luxury and attention to detail.

Maark’s Capsule concrete basin featured in White colour.

The hero piece

Draw your eyes to a hero piece that demands attention and creates opulence. A surface mount concrete basin or bathtub will help achieve this. The Maark Capsule concrete basin, with its striking curves and range of colours, fits the bill perfectly.

For a contemporary style, opt for the freestanding Maark Fuse XL stand. This piece of bathroom furniture is crafted with concrete and black steel for a high-end finish. Adorn the bathroom with striking tapware, akin to exquisite jewellery on the walls, to further enhance its allure.

Maark’s Fuse XL stand featuring a Sandstone colour basin.

Personalised retreat tailored to your needs

A hotel stay feels special because it’s tailored to your needs. Bring that personalised touch to your home bathroom by considering the requirements of different household members. In the main bathroom, provide a bath and separate shower for varied preferences. For the ensuite, embrace the convenience and functionality of double concrete basins, allowing each individual to have their own dedicated basin for morning rituals. And in the powder room, go for large mirrors that not only add a sense of grandeur but also create a bold statement, elevating the overall ambiance of the space. With these thoughtful considerations, your home bathroom can become a haven of relaxation and indulgence, providing an oasis tailored to meet the desires of each family member.