4 Freestanding Basins That Will Transform Your Bathroom

Discover the unique design and functionality of Maark's four freestanding concrete basins. Explore how Tondo, Ovale, Fuse, and Fuse XL can redefine your bathroom space.
Bathrooms are evolving. No longer merely functional, they’ve become spaces where design meets purpose. Leading this transition are our Freestanding Concrete Basins. These aren’t simply basins; they’re well-thought-out design choices. Let’s explore our curated collection.

Tondo: Beyond the Usual

Who said basins have to fit the mold? Tondo challenges that idea.

Our Tondo basin is crafted with a modern and moisture-tolerant formula, engineered specifically for wet areas and to withstand thermal shock. With its pedestal design, Tondo serves as a unique centerpiece, eliminating the need for a traditional vanity.

4 Freestanding Basins That Will Transform Your Bathroom

Ovale: A Statement in Concrete

Ovale takes the inherent characteristics of concrete and molds it into a design that dominates, yet harmonizes with its surroundings.

Using the same state-of-the-art moisture-tolerant formulation, Ovale’s sculptural design creates a dynamic and harmonious effect, celebrating the pedestal basin’s natural aesthetic of concrete. Discover more about Ovale here.

Fuse: Design and Purpose Intertwined

Fuse isn’t merely a basin; it’s a blend of functionality and art.

The Fuse console stands out in our freestanding basin collection. Meticulously crafted by our blacksmith, it features a customisable under-basin shelf, adding a touch of convenience to its unique design.

Concrete Basins

Fuse XL: The Essence of Cubism

Fuse XL stands as a testament to design precision.

Crafted by our blacksmith, the Fuse XL embodies the essence of Cubism, combining acute angles within a quadrangular form. It’s an exceptional piece, capturing the spirit of modern design philosophy.