Our Inspiration

Maark, is a philosophy that embodies traditional European values, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality bathware.

Inspired by our grandfather Markus, a Greek immigrant who established his family in Australia after World War II, his entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic served as a guiding light for his family and an inspiration for our business endeavours.

Our Inspiration

Some time after taking over a traditional furniture-making business, we established the Maark brand. The company had been producing high-quality custom timber and concrete furniture for over three decades, where each piece was crafted with care by eye and hand.

As a modern bathware manufacturer, our goal at Maark is to push the boundaries of traditional materials like timber and steel and incorporate contemporary materials like architectural concrete.

We also work closely with local craftspeople and artisan studios who share our dedication to preserving traditional manufacturing practices. Our production process is 100% local, and we collaborate with skilled blacksmiths, artists and sculptors.

At Maark, we strive to break away from mundane, uninspired, and mass-produced designs that dominate the industry. We believe that bathroom products should be mood boosters, designed to provide you with something exceptional.

Our core product lines are proudly made in Australia with high quality materials by our skilled craftspeople. By maintaining this connection with our creative community, we ensure that their methods and techniques are passed down to future generations, keeping these valuable skills alive and thriving for years to come.